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On a mission to help doctors reduce errors and improve patient compliance, Collaborate is a breakthrough patient management & collaboration tool that simplifies patient-provider communication, promotes team-based diagnosis and facilitates clinical decision-making.



Vendora has launched a modern C2C classifieds platform targeted to the Greek market. It services a wide range of local and hyper-local categories offering its users a safe and easy way to transact with each other.



PNOE allows anyone to accurately measure their cardiorespiratory fitness (VO2 max) with unprecedented ease. Many experts consider VO2 max as being more important than measuring cholesterol or blood pressure for controlling weight and maintaining overall health.



Saphetor is at the cutting edge of genome-scale analysis based on Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). Having accumulated about 33 billion items of variant and gene annotation, the Company has released a comprehensive knowledge base and aggregator for human genomic variants.



Workathlon was created by hoteliers passionate about working with top hospitality talent and exciting companies from all over the world. Its vision is to become a global leader in connecting people to hospitality jobs, wherever they are.



Shing offers hassle free usage of things via smarter consumption – get access to the things you need via rental rather than ownership. Its solution enables smarter consumption for retailers, manufacturers, brands and consumers.

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Ellinopoula is a web-based platform catering to the needs of children and parents of the Greek diaspora, especially focused on building and maintaining Greek language ability through entertainment and other methods.

Learning games are seamlessly integrated with fun videos designed to enhance and reenforce the words and phrases that the child heard on the video. A unique way for kids to learn Greek without realizing that they are taking lessons. And all that in a safe, 100% ad-free environment.



giaola is a local services electronic marketplace that helps its users to find, book, and rate qualified professionals, let them be technicians, hairdressers, beauticians, personal trainers, chefs or photographers. The Company has won the prestigious Get in the Ring startup contest and has received funding from the National Bank of Greece and other investors.

giaola is currently transitioning into a new and bigger role by undertaking the operations of 11888, Greece’s premier directory service. giaola aims to bring 11888 up-to-speed by enhancing it with on-demand features such as reviews, booking, and growth hacking services – to name a few



Lingospot, Inc. provides natural language processing, semantic search, image analysis, and machine-learning technologies. The company offers time coded scene envelopes containing topics and events metatags, as well as TV meta-content. It provides solutions for TV stations and networks, MVPDs, smart TV manufacturers, and application developers.

Lingospot, Inc. was acquired by Piksel Limited.