mbriyo makes ideas happen

Part incubator and part startup studio

we help entrepreneurs at each step

of the company building process

mbriyo advises the following businesses

On a mission to help doctors reduce errors and improve patient compliance, Collaborate is a breakthrough patient management & collaboration tool that simplifies patient-provider communication, promotes team-based diagnosis and facilitates clinical decision-making.

Saphetor is pioneering genome-scale analysis and annotation of NGS data through providing algorithms and sophisticated tools for aggregating, harmonizing and analyzing large amounts of data across multiple disparate sources.

Workathlon was created by hoteliers passionate about working with top hospitality talent and exciting companies from all over the world. Its vision is to become a global leader in connecting people to hospitality jobs, wherever they are.

Moveo helps its customers to build engaging conversational applications powered by AI. With its intuitive interface, state of the art NLP algorithms, customers can develop on their own service, acquisition, services booking, and many other types of service desks.