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Backed by the likes of Union Square Ventures and Khosla ventures, Anthro is putting energy in places it has never gone before. It’s, flexible, and structural batteries solve the form versus function tradeoff that throttles the development of electrified devices.

PNOĒ is the world’s first affordable clinical grade metabolic analyzer. In just 10 minutes it offers it offers its clients a 360 degree view of their metabolic, heart, lung and cellular fitness. It’s portable and easy to use, allowing any fitness professional to perform metabolic analysis with no extra training.

Create Images, Blogs, Ads, Website Headlines all with the click of a button. Charlie has been trained to optimize content and convert your audience into paying customers. Voted #1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt.

Moveo helps its customers to build engaging conversational applications powered by AI. With its intuitive interface, state of the art NLP algorithms, customers can develop on their own service, acquisition, services booking, and many other types of service desks.