Our solid academic pedigree in conjunction with the experience that stems from having invested in or incubated dozens of companies and interacted with some of the most brilliant minds in the word of business and technology makes a formidable provider of Executive Training services. We have partnered with some of the best Academic institutions in the worlds such as UCLA Anderson and SDA Bocconi and delivered programs in Los Angeles, Milan, Athens, Hong Kong, London, and other locations around the world.

On-Site Workshops

Sourcing, securing, allocating, assembling, managing, and scaling Human and Material Resources into Business Capabilities.

Off-Site Workshops

Discovering, creating, and transforming Ideas and Technologies into useful, valuable, and reproducible Products and Services.

Company Visits

Seeing is believing. From Google to Lamborghini, mbriyo has organized educational visits to some of the world’s most prestigious companies & factories. Content-specific guides help participants to benefit the most.

Executive Retreats

We provide guided and free-format retreats to Executives that want to recharge, break walls, and think out of the box.